@manton Giving Flickr another look, thanks to this.

@manton thanks for the reminder about HBO access for Dune. Just started my subscription again - just to watch this! 🎥

@ohBananaJoe I was too focused on the cute url, and I had no idea that sites like Carrd existed, and that folks point their domains to them - always learnin’! The developer of omg.lol is super responsive, open to new features (and has new ones planned), and fixes any issues fast.

@ohBananaJoe I guess I was wrong - you could do something like: profile.mine.com and direct it to omg.lol. Here is the test of a Discord post from the dev on this: “the setup is a little weird because I haven't had a chance to overhaul that part of the UI, but what you do is go into the Web settings, scroll down past the field where you could enter web content, and look for "External domains"”.

Then your “profile.mine.com” would show your omg.lol profile.

@numericcitizen Like this film will only show in cinemas: www.avclub.com/tilda-swi...

@ohBananaJoe I think that sort of defeats the purpose of omg.lol.

@numericcitizen could not agree more. We gave up on movie theaters years ago, and I wish the film industry would realize there are serious film buffs who will never step foot in a theater.